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Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Bruges

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4 hours tour from € 37,50

Zaansche Schans windmill tour will show you the Dutch history from the Golden Age till modern Holland.
The professional guide and photographer let’s make you pictures of the hotspots.
Not only outside but also inside working windmills like ‘De Huisman’ where they are still grinding spices. Smell fresh cloves, nutmegg or any other exotic spices while the wheels of the windmill are turning.
After that you will visit a cheese factory with tasting and a clog factory.
Pick up at Amsterdam Central Station.
Travel by train (20 minutes).

whole day 8 hours tour from € 100,-

Departure from Amsterdam heading for Rotterdam an important port city with the world’s largest harbour. 
The medieval town of Delft will be the next stop. Delft is  known for the manufacture of hand painted, blue and white pottery called Delftware. 
The Hague is the seat of many institutions. The Dutch parliament in the gothic complex of Binnenhof. The U.N.’s International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace in front of which we can make pictures. 
We end our tour at the Zaanse Schans with  the Dutch windmills.

6 hours tour from € 75,-

VIP tour to the the most beautiful spring garden in the world!
Open only 8 weeks per year from 21 March – 12 May 2024.
Keukenhof is the place to enjoy over 7 million flowering tulips, daffodils and other bulb flowers in spring.
The Keukenhof offers a unique scent and colour experience, exciting events, inspirational gardens, flower shows, activities for children and numerous works of art.
Pick up at your hotel in Amsterdam in 45 minutes to the Spring Gardens.
This tour can be combined with Zaanse Schans.

12 hours tour from € 120,-

The highlight of the journey through the Netherlands is crossing the Zeelandbrug, a feat of engineering stretching over 5 kilometers, making it one of the longest bridges in the country.
Shortly after midday we arrive in Bruges, a medieval city that seems untouched by time. Bruges, often referred to as the Venice of the North, welcomes visitors with its winding canals, cobbled streets, and historic buildings. Your day here is filled with exploration and discovery. At the end fine dining with Moules frites – mussels cooked in a variety of rich and flavorsome sauces, served with thick Belgian fries. 

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Private tours by professional Dutch guide and driver. Showing the hidden gems of the Netherlands. Specialized as a local in Amsterdam and Zaandam with the Dutch windmills at the Zaanse Schans.