Who We Are?


Living near the Zaanse Schans in Amsterdam I can show the most interesting spots and tell the stories behind.

As a sociologist I can tell you about Dutch history and nowadays Dutch live. How the Dutch are living. Politics, economy, modern society. Holland a small land in the world with a rich history.
Did you know the Industrial Revolution started in the Netherlands?

Extraordinary Experiences

Explore the Netherlands with a local. Born more then 60 years ago on the Bible Belt, moving during study time to Amsterdam I will show you the rich history of the Netherlands.

Modern nowadays life in the Netherlands, which means Low Lands. Climate change will have a great impact on my country which is most below sea level. How we deal with it? What are our goals for the near future. As we say: ‘God created the World and the Dutch made Holland”, but for how long?

Core Values

Educated in Sociology and Economics  at the universities of Groningen, Amsterdam and Leningrad I will tell you about the corner stones of Dutch society.