Keukenhof Spring Tulips

Vip Tour

Keukenhof Spring Gardens 2025

The most beautiful spring garden in the world! Open only 8 weeks per year from 20 March – 11 May 2025.
Keukenhof is the place to enjoy over 7 million flowering tulips, daffodils and other bulb flowers in spring. The most beautiful spring garden in the world offers a unique scent and colour experience, exciting events, inspirational gardens, flower shows, activities for children and numerous works of art.

Our tour will bring you by private transport in 45 minutes from Amsterdam Center to the town of Lisse where the Keukenhof is located. Walking along the high lights of the Spring Gardens and making a photo shoot, you will be free to explore yourself and have some rest in one of the restaurants.
On the way back we will visit a tulip farm and walk through the endless flower fields.

76 years of Keukenhof

Founded in 1949 as a collaborative effort among flower-bulb farmers and bulb-export firms seeking a platform to showcase the flourishing floriculture industry, Keukenhof quickly captured the hearts of enthusiasts. Opening its gates to the public just a year later, the park attracted an astounding 236,000 visitors in its inaugural year, catapulting it to global acclaim.

Originally envisioned by Zocher in the English landscape style, Keukenhof’s design evolved over time to incorporate various inspirational gardens and styles. Each year, 100 exhibitors contribute flower bulbs, meticulously tended by 600 nurserymen, culminating in stunning floral displays within the park’s pavilions.

However, the exhibition transcends mere chronological documentation of the park’s evolution; it delves into Keukenhof’s historical roots as a country estate, complete with a castle bearing the same name. Moreover, it narrates the fascinating tale of the tulip’s origins and the symbolic significance of Jacoba van Beieren, who embodies the essence of Keukenhof. Through an extensive array of loaned or donated artifacts from private individuals and institutions, complemented by a wealth of archival photographs and footage, visitors are immersed in the vibrant tapestry of the park’s past.

Adding to the experience, the Flourish&Flower information team will be stationed within the pavilion to offer insights into the exhibition and inspire visitors to adorn their own gardens with flower bulbs.

Keukenhof extends its gratitude to all contributors, including those who lent or donated items for the exhibition, as well as photographers and archives for their invaluable contributions of images and historic footage.